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mining and agriculture

Nimbus Technologies provides a suite of productivity tools for the mining and agricultural sectors including MineTrak, the class-leading remote and mobile mine planning solution.

modelling and optimisation

Employ the latest holistic techno-economic modelling tools and approaches to debottleneck design and existing operations, saving both capital and operating expenses.

management consulting

A unique blend of business modelling excellence and technology implementation know-how gives Nimbus the advantage in delivering bespoke business tracking and management solutions.


Nimbus offers a range of training courses in Process Modelling and Optimisation, including specialised training in gPROMS, the world's leading Process Modelling environment.


Discover how Nimbus Technologies can deliver value for your enterprise


The leading mobile mine planning solution


Process design optimisation

Holistic integrated techno-economic design and optimisation

gPROMS training

gPROMS courses

Introductory and advanced gPROMS training courses

Share knowledge through wiki

Knowledge management

Intra-prise collaboration and knowledge sharing solutions and adoption.

MineTrak Dashboard Wep portal

MineTrak Dashboard

The leading mobile mine planning solution just got better


Press releases and milestones

  • September 2012


    Nimbus Technologies is incorporated. Cayle Sharrock is named managing director, the same day his son was born.

  • February 2013

    First footsteps

    MineTrak enters field trials with three clients putting it through its paces.

  • March 2013


    Nimbus’ entry into the Tactrick Android Developer’s cup wins in the Best Educational App category.

  • June 2013

    gPROMS training and support

    Nimbus Technology is contracted to provide gPROMS training the University of Pretoria and University of Witwatersrand.

  • October 2014

    The Chemical Engineer

    Getting bright ideas accepted

    If companies must ‘innovate or die’, why is getting support for new ideas more than half the battle?

    The Chemical Engineer, Oct 2014

  • August 2015

    The Chemical Engineer

    The Wisdom of Crowds

    Developing robust quantitative models of fuzzy concepts without empirical data can be difficult – and even more so if you go it alone

    The Chemical Engineer, Aug 2015

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Team and Partners

Nimbus technology executive and strategic partnerships.

Nimbus technology has formed key strategic partnerships to provide class-leading solutions in the mining, petrochemical and agricultural industries, offering nearly 50 years combined experience.

David Sharrock

MineTrak sales and information

Over 30 years mining surveying experience. Introduced several firsts to SA surveying industry including GPS and UAV mapping.

Cayle Sharrock

Managing director

15 years programming, chemical and business process modelling and optimisation. Proponent of holistic and integrated techo-economic optimisation for value delivery.

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Including queries regarding Process Design and Optimisation, Management Consulting, or gPROMS licensing and training.

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